FAP Tender Care LLC
Our first and only response to people’s need for mental health care.
  • Residential Services
    We care about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. All we want is what’s best for them, even if residing in a host home can be an ideal option, especially for those who constantly require professional care and supervision. We aim to address their needs by providing residential services. You can count on us when it comes to deploying compassionate and dependable host home providers who have the same goal as us. Whenever you are looking for a safe and serene place for your loved ones with a disability to stay, do not hesitate to reach out to us!
  • Supported Community Connection
    Our Supported Community Connections is a community-based program facilitated by qualified and trained staff with experience in providing services to individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. We take into account the preferred community activities of our program participants and ensure they are beneficial and meaningful for their well-being. As their skills and interests develop, the community activities we provide may also change to better accommodate their needs and interests.
  • Respite
    Respite care is a short-term service for primary or family caregivers who need temporary relief or have other responsibilities to attend to. This planned, time-limited break helps caregivers of individuals with developmental delays or intellectual disabilities maintain support and care, as well as ensure the safety, health, and welfare of the individual.
  • Community Connector
    Our team of community connectors is composed of dedicated and passionate individuals whose main concern is to prioritize the overall welfare of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. They support them in terms of resources, education, and many more, as long as it’s available in their communities. The main goal of this assistance is to encourage and open more opportunities in the community for people with IDD while maximizing their community participation.
  • Non-Medical Transportation
    We help transport clients to and from their appointments, sights seeing, jobs, and other destinations. Our vehicles are ADA-compliant and offer proper and comfortable accommodations for the client. This service is ideal for those with physical or developmental limitations and those who are looking for reliable non-medical transportation.
  • PCA Homes
    Our PCA Homes are residential settings with experienced and reliable staff that provide assistance with daily living activities (personal hygiene, grocery shopping, budgeting, toileting, feeding, bathing, and ambulation, among others). Our staff are experienced and qualified to provide care for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
  • Family Care Givers
    Our family caregivers are ready to welcome individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to their homes and let them experience care in a family setting. They will be able to receive companionship and assistance in their daily living, participate in family activities, and engage in their community. We will connect them to a family that can provide their needs and meets our expected qualifications.

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