FAP Tender Care LLC

Introducing FAP Care Foundation

We serve single parents, teenagers, homeless people, drug-rehabilitated people, and domestic violence victims. As an advocacy organization, we help them establish their self-esteem and independence, which is the currency of peace and good mental health anywhere. As we recognize and act to prevent mental health problems, we will take responsibility for changing vulnerable lives and creating a future free from socio-emotional hardships. By collaborating with our partners, we are leading the way for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of society’s mental health.

My Story

I was a victim of domestic violence, I was homeless at one point with my kids. At that point in time, it was mentally challenging to support myself let alone my three kids. I had been living with a friend then. I had tried to explain to my little kids that everything would be alright. I learned to dance with my trauma while maintaining my mental health and also my zero self-esteem. I was stressed. But still, the voices of my kids kept me hoping for change so I decided that when I found myself I would be a positive voice to support single parents, domestic violence victims, homeless people, and teenage moms, all while promoting the importance and awareness of mental health in community participation.

Program We Offer
Mental health is a fundamental human right. We are determined to make single parents, domestic violence victims, homeless people, teenage moms, and drug addicts feel valued and supported. From stories and resources to professional services and more, we aim to make mental health support more accessible for you.

  • Mental Health Awareness Advocacy
    Mental health is part of who we are. We should increase our understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. We’re working every day to promote mental wellness, end discrimination, and ensure equitable access to mental health and substance use care. We believe disentangling mental health and social stigmas will improve health outcomes and enhance community well-being. On this mission, our strength hinges on you.